Our books bring to children: power - a child’s secret power.

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"We want our students to head out into the world to be like “Pawn” - looking for ways to be brave and make a positive difference in the world!" Maria Bolos, M.Ed., Director, Plato Academy, Chicago area school.


“I wanted to let you know how including the Story of Pawn has made a difference for our students at Horizon Science Academy Toledo. Incorporating the “Story of Pawn” into our instruction has made a big difference….Thanks again for introducing the world of “Pawn” to our students!”  
Mary G. Rizza, Ph.D, Horizon Science Academy - Toledo


"There is no better way to teach kids life lessons than books like the Maddox's Moose series. I read them to all my day care kids and, without preaching to them, they learn great life lessons. Every kid needs to meet Maddox, Jake, Jordie, Ripkey, and Beezwick!  Misty S., Hello Kitty DayCare, Oceanside, CA."


"The books are excellent and teach important lessons…thank you for the work you are doing to provide high-quality children’s literature to every family." Jennifer Nauss, Dean of Academics, Maya Angelou YLDC Program, Washington, DC"

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