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Our books bring to children: power; a child’s secret power.

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Our goal is to help children THINK MIGHTY. Archimedes famously said,  “Give me a lever and a place to stand and

I will move the world."

Let Mighty Pawn books be the lever that helps them move the huge world they face.

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 Best Children s Books, best chess books, that teach critical thinking in the chess fantasy adventure, "The Story of Pawn",   and self-discovery in "Maddox's Moose." The Mighty Pawn Publishing Company children s books, chess books

While kids are fascinated by our compelling stories, they present life lessons that adults will enjoy discussing  long  after  putting the kids to bed. Our titles are authored by successful working professionals who share their life sills through   classic fantastical journey.

Heroes face any number of challenges that relate to real life, and then overcome them by harnessing usable skills which we believe are the secret power within any child.

Please continue browsing our website to learn more about the Mighty Pawn Publishing Company and our Pawn Series books. For child chess fantasy adventure found in The Story of Pawn, for discovery of their inner special qualities in Maddox’s Moose, as well as other meaningful child and young adult themes, shop our online store for all of our fascinating titles, as well as fun clothing and accessories. Please feel free to contact the Mighty Pawn Publishing Company should you have any further questions or comments.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.