PAR PROGRAM (Pawn Advances Reading)

MPP (Mighty Pawn Publishing) Company's outreach to children.

Child literacy programs, children in crises programs, hospital and library reading programs.

Free books available through the PAR PROGRAM.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are in charge of one of the above programs and want to find out more about the PAR Program

and how to obtain free books, contact Sienna LaRene at or (970) 306-2412.

About Mighty Pawn Publishing

Who Are We?

A family owned publishing company specializing in children's books.

What's So Special About Us?

Our books and products are created to light up a child's world and create a love of literature and the written word.

 How Do We Do This?

1. The melodious sound of the written word. It has been proven that even infants benefit

from rhythmic language of a song or poem. Great care has been taken in the creation of

our products to give them both a rhythmic tone as well as meaningful messages.

2. Captivating illustrations. The genius of our illustrators is that they have created magical complimentary art on every page. 

Does It Work?

You bet it does. Some of the comments we have received:

"My son, who can't sit still, wanted me to read the whole book, not just a chapter."

"Every kid needs these books."

"The best investment I've ever made."

From a teacher: "My children could not put the books down. These  books definitely teach skills such as problem solving and team work, which we value highly in our after school program."